I’m building Morellian.com with another crypto-enthusiast/photographer, @ImOpenSource

Forgery is a huge problem in the collectible world from art to wine to memorabilia. We’re building a database that incorporates the notary functionality of Viacoin and Clearinghouse to produce a living blockchain history of transactions. Think of it as carfax meets collectibles meets wallet.

Pieces will be entered, bought, sold, transferred, and researched via the UI. If a photographer issues 50 prints, those 50 will live on the blockchain, and when you go to buy one from whoever owns it, they’ll be able to verify they own it.

I’m nearly done with the data models, and am trying to assess how much of the dev work I can do/how much I’ll need to bring in. But it’s exciting, and I hope to have a testable product to mess around with sometime in 2015. Nearly everyone in the collectible world I’ve approached (museum director, a card store owner, and several artists) with it has been beyond excited at the possibility. It could eliminate a lot of middle men who are making money and not solving the problem (forgeries are still sold from reputable auction houses/authentication services). Creator adoption should be a piece of cake. And if we can get them to sell/transfer via the site, I think we might have something cool on our hands.

Our logo, a wax seal that people used to use when they needed to seal an important letter or document, the idea being that that is one of the simplest and oldest verification system for making sure something wasn’t tampered with (@ImOpenSource’s idea!) integrated with Viacoin’s logo. Follow @Morellian for updates!

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